Things are getting ugly in Venezuela. Everyone knows that Maduro’s not up to scratch. Hugo Chavez was a charismatic alternative to the typical submissive Latino politician who’s too subservient to foreigners. You could like him or not, but he was solid and irradiated strength. Nicolas Maduro is the complete opposite, he’s a joke rejected by 82 percent of all Venezuelans. He inherited a revolution to turn it into a farce, nowadays Venezuela is the laughingstock of Latin America.

Desperate due to what is advertised as a setback for the next December 6th elections, Maduro recently said: ‘Whomever has ears, let him hear; whomever has eyes, see the history clearly. We won’t ever ‘surrender’ the revolution, listen clearly.’

He also announced that they won’t ‘surrender’ the revolution even if the opposition wins the December elections. If until now there was some doubt about wether or not his government bordered the undemocratic, now there’s certainty.

Thing is all polls agree in that the opposition alliance, Table of Democratic Unity (MUD for its acronym in Spanish) holds the victory. Hercon Consultants states that MUD will win with 62% of the votes, while the ruling government will lose with 30%, Datincorp, gives 56% to MUD and 39% to the government. A cornered Maduro sparked everyone’s worst fears last week when he implied that if the ruling party loses, the parliament would not hand over power in December, and that it would instead govern under military support.

The drama for Venezuelans is that, on the world stage, they care little to nothing, the price of oil plummeted and a dreadful life continues in Venezuela, those who can, leave: in the first eight months of this year, more than 150,000 Venezuela citizens moved to Colombia. In August alone this number reached more than 40,000, exceeding the number for the same month in the previous year by 8,000, according to state figures.

Increased migration is directly related to the economic difficulties found in Venezuela. Inflation in Maduro’s country could reach a 158.1% this year and 204.1% by 2016, according to the IMF.

Maduro should leave, he betrayed Chavez with his misdirection and plainly miserable management. The reaction he’s had these days is worrying and pitiful.