Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Eduardo Mendez-Gaa is a German-Uruguayan journalist and publicist. Mendez-Gaa was born in Montevideo on November 3rd, 1969, he grew up being bilingual in both Spanish and German. He went to secondary school in Merklingen and then to high school in Leonberg, Germany, where his family resettled in 1981. His parents met in Uruguay, though his mother's family is from Baden in Germany and Genoa in Italy, his father's family is from Northern Spain (Asturias) and Northern Italy (Lombardy). After studying political science and sociology at the University of Stuttgart and the FU Berlin, in 2000 he began working for different media in Berlin. He worked in different areas in Deutsche Welle, and was a writer for United Visions (where he also collaborated with TV channels such as Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, ProSieben, among others). He also collaborated with ARD and the Deutschlandradio and Radio Multikulti radio stations.

B2 Magazine Berlin

From 2006 to 2008 he edited the Spanish cultural magazine B2 magazine in Berlin. The magazine began in early 2006, and the idea was to create a cultural magazine and guide for Spanish speaking expats in Berlin, as well as serving as a showcase for creative Latin Americans. It was designed in Argentina, printed in Spain and distributed in Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona. The B2 platform released Ubersoundz, a series of CDs that came with the magazine.

Deutsche Welle

Earlier, in 2000, he started working for the German international broadcaster. 2001 he interviewed former uruguayan president Jorge Batlle. Later, he produced, among other DW news for the Latin America version of DW, called Journal and in 2009 a special issue on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall live from the Brandenburg Gate. In 2010, he produced a series of special programs in Berlin and Mexico for DW-TV, called the Bicentennial Debates (Debates del Bicentenario), on the 200th anniversary of the independence movements of Latin America. Since 2012 he’s been deputy director of DW (español). In that same year he contributed to the reorientation and image change of the Spanish version of DW. He also was responsible for the content and social network presence of that chain until September 2015. From September 2015 he was a temporary correspondent for DW, based in Berlin and Bogota. He covered mayor Latin American events like the Argentine General Elections, the Venezuelan crisis and elections, Mexico and the Colombian Peace Process until the final plebiscite on October 2nd, 2016. Since 2017 he is back in Berlin as Deputy Head of TV of DW (español). Later that year he covered the UK General Elections in June 2017, and in November he participated for a second time after the 2015 edition in TV Morfosis in Guadalajara, Mexico. A conference dedicated to media, trends and the evolution of news outlets and news making, also offering a workshop on Mobile Journalism at the UDG, the University of Guadalajara. From July 2012 he’s been deputy news director of DW (español). From June 2019 to June 2020 Mendez-Gaa was responsible as Head of News DW (español) for the on air broadcast. Now all digital getting things done for the inevitable broadcast to stream conversion and passing it to the next gen.


In June 2007, Mendez-Gaa created Modular, an urban culture festival. Mendez-Gaa also founded the Berlin electronic band The Vinchucas in 2014 and the electronic music label Micoloco Records. His all new musical labs are The Hrundi V. Bakshis. and Micotronic as a part of his Kultkombinat project, working alongside with several artists from the US and Japan. Currently he’s working with new and vintage gear on his next EP for a late 2020 release.