First, why is the usage of the c-word so common on the isle? Not that there’s something wrong with that, I was just wondering. It’s so risky these days. And second, the main thing here… why the funk is eating in GB such a pleasure?


I know too many people still criticising the isle for it’s food, not knowing that it’s paradise. I went back to two sure deals, but chains and discovered such a great curry at ‘Zest’ and the miracle, the ‘Educated Flea’. Their pan seared sea trout with fennel on crushed and peas with a creamy marinère sauce was sick AF! Pure delight.

As with ‘Zest’ go with the P297 Special and stop asking questions.

I would return to Edinburgh just for these restaurants, adding ‘Dishroom’ and ‘Gaucho’. ‘Gaucho failed to keep the Colombian traditional ‘Bonga del Sinú’ quality I could cherish last week but was solid though.

What I want to tell you? Get your ass up there! By the c-word I mean the cunts at the Monkey Barrel Comedy, great spot too.