Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Gott ist tot

... akzeptiert es.


Get used these days to accept that so called feminists do whatever necessary to impose their 'rights': Woody is innocent, not only by law... We all know some Mia Farrow out there and they will not succeed. I understand, it's...


Whilst the coronavirus spreads and physical distancing urges refugees in Europe are held like animals: But in the churches - where people believe in magical pigeons, virgins and allegedly scenes of mass child abuse - comfy emptiness and silence are...


En Uruguay a los Charlys Garcías no se les edita ... conocé a Gustavo Pena > Espiritu Inquieto from Espíritu Inquieto on Vimeo.

Joppa Beach

OUT NOW! Joppa Beach available now on all digital outlets!— kultkombinat (@KultKombinat) July 4, 2020

My Inner Larry David

Fuck you, Covid-19! You took some secret well kept from me... and some behaviour some people knew about and made me 'special'. Now I'm so common and I even can't share it ... so I programmed it for next year.

Cold Turkey

First things first: next station Brixton ... ... and Kampii.

Vintage cars

Coming soon ...   1999er  

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Territoire de jeu

Out, January 2021 | LIVE ALBUM
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Emotional aesthetics

Reinvent yourself? Change because of the virus? When you thought you were gonna keep doing things the same way for a while and you...

Die Verschwörungstheoretikerin

Ich hole meine Mutter bei Nails & Co. oder was auch immer ab, auf dem Weg zu ihr nach Hause will ich noch Koriander...


While German car and truck maker Daimler reported a plunge of nearly 70% in the first quarter of 2020, while Germany's Bosch, the world's...

Joppa Road by Austin Barzetti

Soon on all platforms > LP1. Listen to a mixtape including five of the 20 songs, 15:32 minutes of KULTKOMBINAT in one track >