Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Las locuras de Isidoro

Esas tardes del 77 en Playa Verde leyendo ... a Isidoro. Sí, no era Hegel.    



Slow Roasting

I can't describe the pleasure of those small coffee shots while being in Naples and sharing the ristretto with so unique Pasticceria creations. It's bizarre how I'm linked to this brew. Sure it is not due to my German...

The Dark Figure

The Sars-CoV-2 spreads and the myths on numbers are a disaster, a dangerous misinformation and misreading. Neither it's fatality rate is as high as suggested, nor the headcount of cases is accurate. Media should not be screaming out the...



Gott ist tot

... akzeptiert es.


Get used these days to accept that so called feminists do whatever necessary to impose their 'rights': Woody is innocent, not only by law... We all know some Mia Farrow out there and they will not succeed. I understand, it's...


Whilst the coronavirus spreads and physical distancing urges refugees in Europe are held like animals: But in the churches - where people believe in magical pigeons, virgins and allegedly scenes of mass child abuse - comfy emptiness and silence are...

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The meltdown

Never before has an election in the United States been so insignificant. With the choice of Donald Trump, the...
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Erratic Media Whores

When what you care about is seeing your face on screen, when what you really care about is reading your name in print, when...

Bending the rules of math

I don't know what hat happened in one generation where we gave away all the power as men, men used to have the power,...

Ces voisins fous

L'Europe fait un tour d'honneur, résultat inconnu. Il s'agit d'aider le pauvre Sud, meurtri par Corona. Mais comment faire ? Un groupe de quatre...

Those wacky neighbours

Europe takes a lap of honour, outcome unknown. It's about helping the poor South, battered by Corona. But how? A group of four solid...