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  • Hail Dem Ape!

    Recién recordaba El País que el laicismo no es un hobby, sino convicción absoluta de la idiosincrasia de mi país, Uruguay (..que me importa poco). Pero...


    Hell yeah! Teamed up with NYC artist Bobbie Rae this october, this is our first snippet:   KOLLABZ by KULTKOMBINAT We’re cookin’ again in 2017!

  • KULT

    After our first KOLLABZ EP (almost out)… get ready for more KULTKOMBINAT!

  • Paz 3.0


  • NU

    Time for a change. A focus away from politics and journalism – in private – a turn to beauty.


    A brandnew toy: while working on #Kultkombinat… Hrundistan by The Hrundi V. Bakshis  

  • Pa ser caníbal hay que ser serio

    No hay Colombia sin que Velandia arme el nuevo himno…

  • Trumpism

    Trumpism is an anger-driven, conspiracy-fueled, scapegoat-manipulating, ideology-free movement, dedicated to the elevation of one #ape.’

  • Las babas de Woody

  • The Right Choice

    Colombia is complicated and so is it’s peace process. After over 50 years of civil war, the Farc Guerrilla and the government led by president...