Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Editorial Anarchy

It was an experiment, it was a response to a time where Berlin asked for a hedonist magazine, reflecting all things rotten and dark. It was a white paper open for those who took the chance. The mastermind behind the unique design of the magazine was Leandro Dopacio, working from Buenos AIres. From 2006 to 2008 I edited B2. The magazine began in early 2006, and the idea was to create a cultural space and guide for Spanish speaking expats in Berlin, as well as serving as a showcase for creatives from all over the world.


B2 Introducing and Ubersoundz were the musical platforms of B2. They offered newcomer an entrance into Berlin's hot spots like CTM or Popkomm. But we also included established acts like Gudrun Gut, Lützenkirchen, Jahcoozi or Adicta.

B2 generated a series of other initiatives and places, some mistook it for an enterprise, some understood the fun factor and enjoyed it as long as it lasted, from the offices in Mitte to the huge gig of Luis Miguélez in some basement or the Putiklub in Kreuzberg.