Barkeep’s fav

Meet the B-52. This drink reminds my of my years as a barkeep in Southern Germany. It is a short drink that has it all: you have to drink it fast whilst the rum on top burns with a blue flame, and yes sip it through the straw before this little gadget melts away. It’s sweet, hot and a real killer: one should be really prepared for this sweetheart, because after a few you probably lie flat under the table…

First, add the Khalua, an exotic coffee liqueur, closely followed by Baileys in the ratio 1:1 into a small, approximately 6 cl heat resistant glass. Make sure that the liqueurs do not flow into each other. Top it with a decent layer of no more than 1 cl of high percentage rum (we used Captain Morgan’s 73% but it’s not produced anymore).

You need to pour the rum slowly, ignite the rum and sip it carefully asap. Looking forward to this winter so I keep the tradition alive.

 In brief:

  • Main alcohol: Coffee liqueur, Irish cream, high percentage rum
  • Preparation: Layer ingredients into a shot glass. Serve with a short straw.
  • Served: Neat; undiluted and without ice
  • Standard garnish: Straw
  • Drinkware: Shot glass