Thursday, April 2, 2020


Playlist One

 IAMX - Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me FKA twigs - Home With You James Blake - Unluck Tricky - Poems The Libertines - Heart Of The Matter King Krule - Czech One FKA twigs - Holy Terrain...

Bestia … or the return of The Bakshis

The fourth bedroom produced THE HRUNDI V. BAKSHIS album and my fav. Meet Bestia ...   BESTIA by The Hrundi V. Bakshis  

Alto cope

Hace 10 años se cerraba un breve episodio editorial ... #tbb2   

The void


EP ‘Kraft’

out now! From the upcoming EP 'Kraft'


The last thing you expect when you are buying old Salsa vinyls in Colombia is to find a Japanese track on them. When back in Berlin and putting the needle on, you suddenly hear a song called 'Amor japonés',...


After our first KOLLABZ EP (almost out)... get ready for more KULTKOMBINAT! 🐒 — KultKombinat (@KultKombinat) November 23, 2016


A brandnew toy: while working on #Kultkombinat... Hrundistan by The Hrundi V. Bakshis  


No somos escandinavos

Un 12 de octubre siempre pensás en la mala suerte que tuvo América. Ser colonizada por españoles y tapada por migrantes italianos. Somos hijos...


First, why is the usage of the c-word so common on the isle? Not that there's something wrong with that, I was just wondering....

La Bonga del Sinú

OK, es una cadena. Pero ¿y qué? La cocina colombiana is the next Perú, rica en todo con millones de sabores por descubrir y...

Intellectual Meltdown

What about this Trump? Yeah.. what about him? A nightmare came true and of course the US are a big player but, not as...