When what you care about is seeing your face on screen, when what you really care about is reading your name in print, when you write so that the rest of the caste of journalist friends will echo your story, then you are … the antithesis of what a journalist should be. You are interested in your fame, your ego, your small scope is the worst thing that can happen to the viewer/reader/user in urgent need of the Fourth Power, you suffer from a very common disease amongst journos, you are, in fact, the worst threat: the ego-censorship.

And that’s when the trouble starts. You leave the professional beat and start to spin around yourself. You don’t care about the story and the content, you fancy being the main character. But you know you aren’t and all you care is about the reaction, the likes. You’re the kind of person who brags about getting an interview with a politician, about having good access to them. And you don’t realize the damage you’re doing to the recipient of the content you generate. You crate entrusted by public, assigned by your employer, nobody watches or reads what you do because of your chubby face, they watch you because a broadcaster grants you airtime. That’s it. The problem is, that you are dazzled, obnubilated by the urge of seeing yourself multiplied and in 4K. Do you really want this? Are you sure? Because you can easily realize that you aren’t as deep, interesting and seductive as you think you are. Maybe you discover your real face and… collapse inside. But you won’t admit it, you cling. You grasp desperately for that ego-bubble, only held by those who are in the same situation as you. Desperate, empty and needy.

9 Reasons Your Business Should be an Attention Whore - Business 2 ...And there begins that vicious circle, of praise among those who need that dose of undeserved vanity, because you don’t have that natural beauty of others and you hate, but you manage to go on. And it brings out bad energy and ugliness. Here you forget your mission, you revolve around you, you censor the content because you only think of yourself. Don’t you realize that Pulitzer Prize winners have almost no followers on Social Media at all? But you’ve already abandoned the path of coherence, you’re simply pathetic. No offence.

The worst thing is when you get nowhere, when you understand your mediocrity, when you recognize that you don’t have that face that makes people naturally fall in love with you … then you become an advocate for the interests of other media whores. You’ve gone mad, your likes mean ‘like me, love me, fuck me’, but no one you really want to does.

You’re eaten away inside, a warrior outside. You’ve become the worst enemy of truth and empathy. You want to be the main character in your story, but you’re just a sidekick. An erratic media whore, lost in the bubble of meaninglessness.


You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.

Warren Ellis




Take this text as a free advice. Just helping to unfuck you. Who cares what a journalist thinks, asked Adrian Dárgelos. When I quoted him, a media whore immediately stopped following me on Twitter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that …


Oh, and stop playing those gay, diversity, black, woman.. cards. Between you and me, you know very well that’s not what’s keeping you from shining…