The devices change, but there is a standard that allows you to work at least until 2020 without worrying. The base of your equipment is the iPhone 6S Plus. That device manages to deal with the necessary applications and quality to offer video material for professional use. You can find here the listing from an Amazon Wishlist, so you will always have a real price. The important thing is to always stay connected to the evolution of the technique, to do this, join to the mojocom group. There are several colleagues who contribute with publications with the latest news on this field.

In the list that I’m offering, you have wireless systems, but there are always options that are worth trying as the Samson Stage XPD1. It is not a high-end solution, but it is enough for professional production for newsreels. But remember that you always have to test and calibrate, since you are mixing several brands and solutions and only so you will deliver to your client a professional product and all that for an investment of less than $1,700. Beyond the recommended equipment, you can add some gadgets that will allow you to offer less common blueprints and enhance your video, I will leave this list of the nice to have: Gadgets

Recommendations of the BBC Academy for production with smartphones

It is clear that you must master this hardware and software, at the time of rolling/interviewing you will not have time for experiments. Despite having an excellent focus quality as the Manfrotto, it is always advisable to shoot outdoors with a tripod. With good lighting, a quiet image, and a good sound you will have half of all the work done needed for an end product of professional quality. That’s what we’ll talk about later, we continue now with the most useful applications for a VJ.