I was asked for a brief statement on news coverage on Venezuela, here it goes:

1. Is Telesur a pro Venezuelan Government broadcaster? Which are the signs that show this?

Telesur is not only a pro Government outlet, it is a state run broadcaster obeying the tendencies their sponsors dictate, this is due to it’s construction as a multi-state outlet. There is a lack in controversial coverage of mainly all affairs of populist Governments in the region like Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela. There is also a clear geopolitical orientation towards Russia and China and so is the result in their daily news turning the in shows like Empire Files into furious anti-propaganda to what they claim is a war on them.

One interesting aspect over the last year is how they ‘turned’ on Argentina after the election of Mauricio Macri and the cut of finance coming from Buenos Aires. Also remarkable, the complete misinformation on the supply crisis or the protests against Nicolás Maduro with far over 100 dead protesters, while they were killed by the GNB/PNB the outlet sees the violence in the groups opposed to Maduro’s Government.

In difference to public constructed media like the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, there is no filter on constructional mechanism like a Broadcating Board (Rundfunkrat) or similar, so the content is unfiltered state propaganda.

2. Is CNN a broadcaster that shows a more critic position of the conflict? Which are the signs that show this?

I don’t think so. Again, as in the case of a multi-state conrolled Telesur, CNN is a private outlet with a private agenda and points of view on different conflicts, also on Venezuela. As a private outlet owned by the Turner Broadcasting System CNN covers news with a certain, imbalanced agenda that could be dictated by one owner reflecting his position on news, maybe obeying his own business intentions. So it never has a ‘more critic position’, it has a conditioned position and only what or who is behind the way the cover Venezuela is not as obvious as in the case of Telesur. Some observers claim that journalism is shifting away from objectivity, but objectivity is not possible if you are state-run (like Telesur) or private owned (like CNN). So I won’t cite any example of the CNN coverage as all CNN content is privately conditioned.

You can offer a balanced point of view as German public broadcasters do, not because they are better, just because their structure reflects a lesson learned from Nazi Germany and the manipulation of media by a Government. For that you have to translate society and reflect the different opinions in your structure, so we are back to the Broadcating Board (Rundfunkrat), an effective instrument of keeping politics at bay.