What about this Trump? Yeah.. what about him? A nightmare came true and of course the US are a big player but, not as big as they think they are. Four years will be lost. For humanity? No, for the US only.

The Dictatorship of Rednecks is here (yay!) and for us abroad, time to move on. You always ignored the doom side of the Redneckacy outside LA and NYC because, well, why should you be there? Now they took over.

And of course we could comment every step of The Donald, but we shouldn‘t. The US are far far away and honestly, I don‘t care. It affects me as I love to go to NYC once in a while, eat crappy or healthy food and watch the fauna there, but: that‘s it.

The world offers lots more and we will ignore the intellectual meltdown for the years to come, I mean, we should. I will. I wondered. I tweeted. I move on. So should do you.

Professionally I will be so exposed to this deterioration of politics, of morals, of class and of beauty, that I can‘t let it take over my privacy. Life in Berlin is armored against that risk. Yes, the AfD, the loser counterpart to all the Donalds out there, will be third political force in the upcoming elections.

And yes, they will be pushed aside by a perfect democratic system, also armored against populism of the outsiders. Hang on there you life frustrated Twitter Provocateurs, Russia lovers and love haters. I‘m out! Is it selfish? Yes. Is it dumb? Maybe. Do I care? I do not.