Imagine a man so mean, that he actually campaigns against peace. A man so full of hatred, that the chance to end a 60 years lasting conflict doesn’t mean a thing to him. His country can reach peace after six decades of civil war and he thinks of himself and how to wreck the conversations between both parties involved in this conflict. The country of this little man is Colombia, his name is Álvaro Uribe.

Today Colombia is as close as never before to reach a peace deal: Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels have reached an agreement on a final peace deal to be signed. This step brings an end to a half century of conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that has killed more than 220,000 and displaced millions.

The main issues have been finalized

The parties have reached agreements on the most relevant aspects of the deal, the next steps are the signature of the agreement and a plebiscite. Recent opinion polls show that Colombians will say and back the deal.

Only this little man, Álvaro Uribe, a former Colombian president, linked to far right groups and drug dealing, is backing the ‘NO’. Uribe repeats that neither he, nor society should negotiate peace with terrorists. Imagine: he’s campaigning against peace! His henchmen roll up and down the country looking for support on such a noble causes as destroying peace, as maintaining the country in war. Today is a great day for Colombia, but a bad day for all those involved in Colombia’s troubled past.


A man, so narrow minded, that he prefers more death and destruction over a slight chance to bring peace to Colombia and, maybe, face the last days of war.