Social Media is a breathing system and therefore your content has to live to be viral or at least to generate engagement. And sometimes some Lo-Fi content works better than high-end, too crafted and too meditated output. If you want to increase interaction rates, you have to add some ‘street credibility’ to your output. Talk to people, not being a unidirectional communicational dictator helps a lot.

This said, a always good working model to understand your way to engage with other systems is an understanding of self-reference and autopoiesis. This means it is necessary to anticipate reciprocal transactions. Understand the circular or cyclical interactions that systems engage in such that they influence one another is a basic aspect.

Translated for your work in Social Media it means:

  • you have to know and understand the way you audience system thinks, works and interacts in order to deliver content this system is willing to appreciate, like and share
  • you have to adapt your content output so that the receiving system is capable and willing to open a door to your content

Only if you crack those logics you are able to establish a dialogue, the key aspect of your work as a CM. And as preferences or interpretations fluctuate, you have to process and reflect constantly your audiences behavior.

Only if you are capable to capture the ‘current mood’ of the receiver, you as a sender will be able to deliver content properly. You do not always ‘hit the audience’, especially if you do not understand your receiver’s logic.

Aesthetic, news sense and solid fact-checking

The day you understand how you have to interact with your audience and know who they are, that day you will notice how important it turns to treat your users with respect. As eg. a news outlet you have to stick to aesthetics, news sense and solid fact-checking. Why aesthetic? Because you have to put out functional and easy to handle content, always paired with solid visual material. Aesthetics grew with Social Media and this is important to accept. And you should stick to the basics: your nose for news and the fact-check of your stories. This addendum is key for a successful encoding of your content.

Self-consciousness, brand and the accurate code

What you shouldn’t forget is also knowing yourself. Should you be on every party? Should you create content for every trashy platform around? If you are aware of your brand and know which public you target and why you do not necessarily have to put your thought on killing it on Snapchat.

To reach your targeted audience you have to put on their spectacles, see the world as they see it: only if you want your message to arrive. If you develop new content for new channels, first things first: know your audience and encode your message properly.

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Lo-Fi and minimal

Sometimes you construct complex content anticipating behavior and sometimes this is the only way for a first approach. But react to their behavior and the noise in your surroundings: if you don’t reach and generate interaction with the public: simply decode the feedback and adapt your output accordingly. And do not wonder: some Lo-Fi content you think is not up to your standards … works magically and has high shareability rates.

[work in progress]