Venezuela is oficially a dictatorship, but a weak international community, guided by their interests in Venezuelan oil fails to react properly. In a maybe last attempt to liberate Venezuela from Maduro, Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself president of the country, according to Venezuelan Law.

But he’s alone. The regional powers, the US and Europe send messages of support, but – especially in the case of the US – they still buy Maduro’s oil and thereby finance his regime. The time for half-hearted diplomacy is over.

Plus, in the heart of Europe, in Brussels, groups supported by Maduro still back him. Javier Couso from Izquierda Unida is one of those vile mercenaries of Venezuelan oil. Misguided by what some claim is left ideology, but Maduro has more of a butcher, than he has of a socialist politician.

There is little hope for Venezuela, even with Guaidó. Maduro owns a rich country and uses his revenues to finance oppression, a well oiled machinery of death.