Reinvent yourself? Change because of the virus? When you thought you were gonna keep doing things the same way for a while and you figure out you won’t, it’s… priceless. Nothing happened, you’re coming out of the pandemic unscathed in health and in economics, but how many people aren’t? What are you gonna do with the years left? How many are there? Will you start thinking about it at 67? If there is anything I have to thank the pandemic for, it is the time received for reflection. 

Phrases such as seeing the crisis ‘as an opportunity’ are bullshit, but when you ask yourself what you really care about, if you achieved what you wanted and the answer is yes to the last thing and now? What do I want to do? I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was born in Montevideo, but all I want is… a beach.

Too flat? Maybe. But you realise the stupid race of people your age, the death of people your age. Fifty-somethings, collapsing, eaten up by an unhealthy ambition that they will never achieve. Listen, you are not pretty on the outside because you are ugly on the inside.

Are you getting philosophical? Nah. Cheap philosophy as Charly says, and that’s the ultimate answer to the key question: did you do everything you wanted? Yeah.

But more of the same now? What for? You try to think about the gains you don’t see there and you dream of a wave, you feel the scent of the ocean, the sand … the pandemic gave you the essential time for the most important farewell, that crucial one, one of two. Your Mum. You feel grateful…

And suddenly you want to let go, basically stuff. How do you merge that with buying a Komplete Kontroller? Because it’s minimal. It’s reduction. You set a bar when you reduce to that electronic set that fits in a case.

What moves you now? Why do you make music? For me, the gift is for me. Dark-hop, egotrippin’ … the LP came out on June 23rd, long awaited, a long lasting journey to this point, to this inner satisfaction. I thought of all this in Portobello, the reason why it’s called Joppa Beach, that’s why this long lasting thoughts materialised now here:

And all of a sudden you’re pulling out bags and bags of garbage, the real trash. And you get rid of the other one, the noxious pack with their low emotional aesthetics. Without a fight, with a smile. Your pre-pandemic self asks you: are you nuts? You on such a trip?

The load, the loads. It’s not altruism, not Zen. It’s not becoming better. Carrying around other people’s stupidities? Nope. It’s being even more antisocial! And it’s getting away from ugly minds, ugly faces and moronic discussions. I can’t stand the sight of their anger, of their black souls. There’s not enough money in the world to make me soak that up. At least not these days. You start to forget, it makes you happy.

Some ask, can you be more clear? You know.

Downscaling, gratitude, beauty, minimalism, beach… you don’t want any more than that. Not that I haven’t been a radical hedonist all my life, but now I want to distill it…


❝ He that loves pleasure must for pleasure fall.