While the US are in a downward spiral with a president who is embarrassing for the world and an insult to the intellect of everyone, Germany turns into the last hope of freedom and liberty of expression. This country really learned it’s historic lesson. The UK is drifting away, again, from what they call ‘The Continent’, France struggles with it’s far right and has a president they do not really want. While the world collapses, Germany stands firm and grants stability and continuity in a world falling apart and losing liberty.

Sure, lots of folks will say that the German system is threatened by the neonazis from AfD/ PEGIDA. But it’s just not true. This country always had to deal with far right viruses like DVU, Die Republikaner or the NPD. But Germany seems pretty immune and they sure will take the same road the others did before: being a minority, being ignored and die.

In media, Germany also learned it’s lesson. It’s incredible how folks from abroad seems affected by the virus of partisan journalism. I observe this case especially when covering Venezuela. German TV tradition is to denounce unjustness and crimes against humanity, despite the origin of the perpetrator. I always considered myself as a person with a ‘left consciousness’, historically due to my fathers influence and his relationship with the Tupamaros, but in the last years I just wonder. What I see is that people calling themselves ‘left’, they come pretty close to what I see voting for the newest neonazi icons here. Denying Palestinian atrocities and denying the bloodshed in Venezuela. Outlets like RT or Telesur are blind henchmen of killers and spreading their fake message is not just being naïf, it makes you an aide to their goal of disinformation.

Here, Germany made it’s media immune to blindfolded political influence: their structure is a reflection of mainstream society from left to right, so when you claim them to be ‘balanced’ it is simply true. This hurts, especially that leftie fraction which claims to be the lighthouse of truth. When we (German public Media) denounce the situation in Venezuela we do not say that the opposition is the solution nor that they will solve the crisis there, we only denounce the killing of young Venezuelans and their vulnerability. Some opposition partisans think we are doing them a favor, we don’t. But what is certain, at least from a balanced German point of view, is that crimes against humanity in Venezuela are being committed and that the Maduro regime is in a democratic default, trying everything to skip free elections. Partisan journos deny this, but those mercenaries also will be judged for being a voice supporting oppression.

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