Latin America has always suffered from an existing political crisis. Nowadays, that region is under a preoccupant lack of Political Culture.

Especially Argentina and Venezuela, which stand out because of their supposedly leftist governments that did not do anything other than using the rule “divide and you will reign” to go through with their not popular and even less progressive political projects. It does have a lot of populism though. Both Cristina Fernández and Nicolás Maduro constantly rely on supposed schemes against themselves, the inflation of the word blow is already similar with the real inflationary tax of the currency of those countries.

However, beyond the per se lamentable situation that those countries are going through, what is more worrying is their near future. Argentina is lucky for being able to go to the polls this year, Venezuela will have parliamentary elections in December. The terminal phase of both those governments has already started, meanwhile the performance of the Fernández and Maduro governments almost inspires me to use the term soft dictatorships. This week Caracas was what made me associate their politics with that terminology: Ledezma’s detention is arbitrary, as were others suffered by other enemies of the regime. Once again, Maduro throws an already known smoke curtain and said: “The putsches are over, there will be justice and that is it”. It would be, for both leaders, much easier to play it fairly. This is because the opposition, either in Venezuela or Argentina does not shine because of its own light, neither Macri or López will stand out for a constructive attitude, but playing hate and putsches seams to obey to the local idiosyncrasy.

Furthermore, the use of the media as a propaganda tool is also preoccupant. Some, like the Argentinean daily Página|12, have converted themselves into an official press and cut off any critic voice and therefore, constructive. Maybe it is an answer to the openly opposition press Clarín, however both left aside that strength that one haves for not being anyone’s ally. The worst example in media, sponsored by many countries of the continent, is Telesur.

Slanted and blind. Moreover, it is better to not even talk about the sick cult to Chávez and Evita, whose countries adopted in order to protect their chores under the brightness of others. I do not even want to think about how Chávez would react if he saw the sad performance of his political heir.

And it does not mean that on the other side of the specter the attitude is any better. Colombia and México show this. The Uribismo and their pathetic leader, Álvaro Uribe, are a cancer that prevents the country from giving that decisive step. A person linked with the drug trafficking and his discredit political strategy stand out negatively. In Mexico, vast zones of the country are under the control of criminal gangs while they infiltrate in the higher political layers. America of the XXI Century needs a big shake to breakup with the populist fleas from both political poles. Luckily other countries from the region succeeded in solving this problem and are an absolute example to follow; Uruguay, for example.

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