The West is over. The United States, or as idiots love to say: America, has a new … a new… a new… I can’t. More than anything I just feel sorry for them. They really chose Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. President. A bad Hollywood B-Movie from the 80’s could have written this script, but it is now, it is real and this piece of shit is taking over in a matter of days.

The U.S. will survive Trump, he will probably even not complete the first four years. He has no concept at all and all politics announced are going to fail. Everybody knows. How can we ever forgive the Reps this catastrophy? How can we forgive Obama for this legacy? We wont. The U.S. are so far away from a country made for angry ugly white men, as never before. It is brown, dark, speaks Spanish and a President González is only a question of time.

I worry more about supporters abroad. What kind of destroyed psycho must you be to support The Thing? And how can I speak with you without hitting you in your fucking face? Ignore is the way to deal with them and let time solve this sad error of humanity. Because.. because…

I can’t.